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Daddy's Second Chance Chapter 30 Aftermath

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  Seraphina’s POV       “What is happening here?! Seraphina!”       My superior, Natalie, walked in on us tangled in a very messy situation. I’m still pulling on Lilian’s hair while Sophia is hitting my back.       “Please! Help us! Seraphina is hurting my daughter!” Sophia pleaded towards Natalie.       That’s when I let go of Lilian who sobbed in the corner holding her hair on her hand. I fixed myself and my clothes and looked at Natalie who’s waiting for my explanation.       “I’m sorry that you have to see me like this,” I apologized after a while when I collected myself.       “It’s okay, Seraphina. I don’t know your personal life but I know you have a reason why it got to this.”       She got me bottled water and helped me sit down on the sofa. Sophia immediately went to help Lilian who is still uncontrollable sobbing.       “Are you okay?” Natalie took the seat next to me. “What happened? Did they harass you?”       I nodded. “Yes. They came here and insulted me. They even threatened me. You can watch the whole thing on CCTV.”       “Is that so? Then they do not have the right

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Read Daddy's Second Chance Chapter 30 Aftermath

Daddy's Second Chance Chapter 30 Aftermath

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