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Revenge of the Movie Queen Chapter 30 Bitter-Sweet

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  The news of Joshua’s proposal to Sophia, spread throughout and beyond the country like wildfire. They were, after all, very famous entertainers.   They began making wedding preparations a day after, and things were moving pretty fast.   Sophia plopped to a sofa in her living room, her face pale with exhaustion. She blew a raspberry, “Maybe we should have taken it slow first, and shifted the wedding preparations to next month.”   Debby walked out of the kitchen with an apron around her, holding a tray of cookies and two glass of milk. She placed the tray on a stool before the lazy Sophia, before taking a seat beside.   She took the apron off and tossed it aside, “Don’t say that. The day of the wedding is so close by. It’s best we began preparing now. I mean, we still have to send invites and gather the bride’s maids, best lady and other essential roles. You also know you’d have to make reservations for the hall you plan to use, and also look for a church that would be free that day. There’s just too much to do.”   “Wow, Debby. Thanks for listing all that out for me. It didn’t increase my

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Read Revenge of the Movie Queen Chapter 30 Bitter-Sweet

Revenge of the Movie Queen Chapter 30 Bitter-Sweet

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