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Daisy And The Mafia Chapter 30 Not My Father

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  Her father looked as if he were ready to throw a tantrum.   “How could you leave without saying a word!” He scolded. “And all night at that! Not to mention you didn’t tell us a thing and it’s already early in the morning! How was I supposed to sleep? Are you trying to give us a heart attack?”   William continued until his face turned red. It was only after Mary had calmed him down that the tension in his shoulders eased.   “It’s okay, William. She’s here and safe,” Mary looked at Melissa. “Something happened last night, didn’t it? David told us that Alejandro was brought into the hospital and that's where we were most likely to find you.”   “How did you know that?” Melissa asked David. Said man approached the table they sat at. The air was made up of the fragrance from dozens of flowers.   David carefully placed a tray of tea on the table. The delicate cups reflected the light from above. He poured each of them a cup before taking a seat himself.   “One of the doctors working at the hospital is a friend of mine. He thought I would want to know

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Read Daisy And The Mafia Chapter 30 Not My Father

Daisy And The Mafia Chapter 30 Not My Father

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