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Living with a Boy Genius 30: Answer

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  Jocelyn Weber   I felt so sad after moving out of Sullivan's mansion, but I had to be strong for my father. He needed me now more than ever. So I decided to help him run the restaurant in my spare time. Helping my father was a responsibility I'd taken on willingly after leaving Sullivan's mansion, but it didn't fill the void Knox's absence had left.   The ache in my heart was a constant reminder of what I had lost, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I was settling for a life that wasn't truly mine.   Quentin had been comforting me and made me smile after those days, guiding me through the dark days following my departure from Knox.   He was a kind and caring man, and I could see the depth of his love for me. But I questioned whether I could ever reciprocate that love in the same way. Our connection was strong, but I couldn't help but compare it to the profound love I had for Knox.   As our restaurant finally came to closing time, other staff already left. I and Quentin remained inside and we were fixing the tables and chairs.   "Jocelyn..."   I froze and turned

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Living with a Boy Genius 30: Answer

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