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President's savage love Chapter 30 DETERMINATION

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  For James, charm came naturally to him. The attitude of schmoozing so charming his landlady into renting the house next to Leo's without proper documentation and paying in cash rather than a transfer was quite easier than he thought.   Moving into the apartment three days after Mr. Murphy had set him on this little 'journey', he starts to observe the so-called man called Leo Da Silva, mildly curious as to what his boss found so interesting in him…   To James, his daily routine and lifestyle were mind-numbingly boring.   Leo noticed the presence of a new neighbor the next day but didn't pay him any heed, ignoring the guy as he passed by the next day.   He wasn't here to make friends, all he wanted now was to keep his head above water and get his life back on track.   The past few months have been the lowest of his life and it was when he tried to kidnap Greta that he realized that there was a problem…which he had to work on.   Waiting for Greta at the same spot as the last time wasn't effective, but all he wanted to do was apologize to her for his behavior, and get

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Read President's savage love Chapter 30 DETERMINATION

President's savage love Chapter 30 DETERMINATION

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