Novel Name : Oh! Just get married?

Oh! Just get married? Chapter 30: Rectification

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  Harrison's arrival at Ava's residence was marked by a clear and undeniable intensity that was etched into every line of his face. The amalgamation of anger and frustration painted a vivid portrait of his emotional state as he stepped into her presence.   His purpose for coming to her house was singular and unwavering: to confront Ava and demand an explanation. The news that had shaken him to his core revolved around what he perceived as her decision. This decision, which had been publicly exposed through various media outlets, entailed her refusal to accept the role of agent for Owen's wedding dress brand, opting instead to establish her own wedding dress branch in the world of bridal couture.   With a firm resolve, Harrison began his inquiry, his words laden with the weight of his concern. "Ava, what's going on? Why did you reveal to the media that you refused to be the agent of Owen's wedding dress brand and open your own branch? Why?" The sternness in his tone underscored the gravity of the situation.   Ava, caught off guard by the accusation, quickly attempted to defend herself. She sought to disentangle her involvement from the tangled web of allegations. "Harrison,

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Read Oh! Just get married? Chapter 30: Rectification

Oh! Just get married? Chapter 30: Rectification

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