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My Teacher Lover Chapter 67

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"Jane Bieber."

Ichigo watched from below as his student got up and walked up on stage. A smile came across his face as each of his homeroom students came up to receive their diploma.

Luckily everyone in his class was graduating.

It was probably the first time in Tokyo High School history.

"Jonny Lopez," the principal called out.

Yes, even Jonny passed.

Ichigo clapped along with the rest of the school body and the guests. They were all inside the school gymnasium as the seniors waited for their names to be called to go up on stage.

" Aaron Stewart."

Ichigo let out a sigh of relief when he noticed he was actually wearing his uniform without bedazzling it. In fact all of the students were wearing their school uniforms neatly with their shirts tucked in and their neckties/bows neatly done in front of them (A/N: in Japan, high school students don't wear robes for the graduation. They just wear their school uniform).

"Clara Rodrigo."

Ichigo took a quick glance to the side and smirked when he saw the big smile plastered on Noel's face. And it got noticed by shy fiancée because she was brightly smiling back at him

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My Teacher Lover Chapter 67

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