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Unexpected Union of Hearts Chapter 30: I’m Pregnant

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  Inside Claude’s Office,   The room exuded an aura of professional ambiance but an underlying tension hung in the air. The ceiling lights cast a warm, even glow that illuminated the space eliminating any shadows that might provide solace in this already unsettling meeting.   The office itself was tastefully decorated with soft pastel-colored walls and framed landscapes that brought a sense of calm. However, the serene atmosphere did little to ease Emma's nervousness. She was perched on the plush, cream-colored couch positioned against one wall, her fingers tightly intertwined and trembling with apprehension. Her heart beat rapidly, echoing in her ears as she waited for Claude’s next move.   “You know, you have to bear the consequence if you give me false information!”   As Emma began to stutter while responding, the air in Claude's office grew even more charged with tension. The room seemed to constrict around them and Claude's unwavering gaze intensified demanding an explanation.   "Claude, there's something more I need to tell you," she managed to say in a voice quivering with nervousness.   Claude remained still, his stern demeanor unyielding as he raised an eyebrow. He knew that whatever Emma was about to reveal would not be a casual matter.

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Read Unexpected Union of Hearts Chapter 30: I’m Pregnant

Unexpected Union of Hearts Chapter 30: I’m Pregnant

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