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Mr. president never lies Chapter 30 The Meet Up

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  Oliver went to the office early the next day and he was working because of the deadlines that needed to be submitted. After a while, Oliver decided to rest his eyes at the lounge at his office. He was in lying, eyes closed when Elaine arrived at the office as well.   She looked at the sleeping Oliver and since his eyes were closed, Elaine went closer to his face.   "You don't look bad yourself after all," she whispered.   And because of that, Oliver suddenly opened his eyes which made Elaine startled. Her complex was so fast that she stumbled on her feet but Oliver immediately held Elaine in her waist. Their faces was so close and Elaine's heart was really pounding really hard.   Oliver looked at her straight in the eyes and he felt something that he hasn't felt before. His heart was beating odd but in a good way. This was the first time he felt something like this. Like there's a lot of butterflies in his stomach.   Oliver immediately remove his hand from Elaine's waist and same as Elaine, she looked away after what happened.   "I'm sorry," Elaine said.   "No, it's fine," Oliver

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Read Mr. president never lies Chapter 30 The Meet Up

Mr. president never lies Chapter 30 The Meet Up

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