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Childhood sweetheart by contract Chapter 30. Gossip Queen

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  When Mia called Trevor's mother, Trevor's friend Patrick was visiting and had just arrived at Mrs. Lane's house. Coincidentally, he also heard a little about some of the things that happened.   "What's wrong with Mia and Trevor?" Patrick asked curiously.   "Oh, Patrick, when are you coming?" Mrs. Lane looked surprised. However, the middle-aged woman immediately welcomed him.   "Just now. What actually happened? Why did you tell Mia earlier that you were losing signal?" Patrick's forehead furrowed slightly because he was curious, so he asked again.   "The signal here is really bad, ha-ha," excused Mrs. Lane, hiding her nervousness.   At that moment, suddenly, Mrs. Lane's cell phone vibrated again. Apparently, there was another call from Mia. Her daughter-in-law turned out to be very persistent and wouldn't feel satisfied until she got a clear answer from her. The middle-aged woman sighed softly because she didn't want to answer her daughter-in-law's call.   "Why do you not answer?" Patrick was increasingly surprised when Mrs. Lane did not immediately answer her daughter-in-law's call.   "Mia might want to tell you something important, Auntie," explained Patrick later.   "It's best not to answer. If she calls you, it's better to just ignore it. I beg you!" asked Mrs.

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Read Childhood sweetheart by contract Chapter 30. Gossip Queen

Childhood sweetheart by contract Chapter 30. Gossip Queen

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